South Carolina Town Approves First Electric Scooter Program

South Carolina Town Approves First Electric Scooter Program - GOTRAX

A new way to travel is coming to Conway, South Carolina. The City Council of Conway voted 6-1 in favor of a new electric scooter program to operate in the downtown area from Riverwalk to Collins Park, a 1.5 mile stretch down Main street. This is a pilot or test program that was approved. The electric scooters will be in operation for a six month period. At the end, city leaders will evaluate the program and vote to continue or end the program. 

Two People Riding GOTRAX Red/Black and Pink Apex LE Entry Level Electric Scooters for Adults

Larry White, the one council member to not vote in favor of the program, brought up concerns of overcrowded sidewalks. However, other city leaders noted that pedestrians already share the sidewalk with skateboarders, bicyclists, and other forms of micro-mobility. While the start date hasn't been revealed yet. The company operating in Conway, Peel Scooters, hopes to have around 50 electric scooters in operation. This will be the first time e-scooters will be used in the city. 

This is a great step-forward for electric scooter riders everywhere. It shows that micro-mobility can find a way into smaller cities around the U.S. Electric scooters will only start to get better features, speed, range and ideally, infrastructure as times continue to change. GOTRAX will be there every step of the way with new designs, improved specifications, and consistent innovation to ensure everyone has a chance to adventure together. 

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