The Benefits of a Dual Motor Electric Scooter

The Benefits of a Dual Motor Electric Scooter - GOTRAX

Electric scooters are a fantastic way to get around town, whether you're heading to work, class, the store, or beyond. But not all e-scooters are created quite the same. One of the most important components of an e-scooter, the motor, has a major impact on the vehicle’s performance. And it’s not just the power that matters: its positioning plays a huge part in how your scooter handles. While some scooters concentrate the power of the motor in one wheel, others place motors in both wheels. These dual-motor e-scooters have a number of key features that help them stand out from the pack, which we’ll be going over today.

The Benefits of Dual Motor Electric Scooters

A man riding the GOTRAX GX1 dual motor electric scooter with dual suspension and dual braking.

There are a number of things to love about dual-motor e-scooters. For one, they distribute their power between both wheels, making for a much more even and balanced riding experience. This gives them increased handling in all kinds of situations, including sharp turns and slippery terrain. All of our dual motor scooters also include dual suspension, which further stabilizes the riding experience.

The two motors also allow for increased acceleration, and since many dual motor scooters come with more powerful motors, they're often much quicker than their single-motor counterparts. Our dual motor e-scooters have top speeds ranging from 30-38 miles per hour, making them the fastest scooters in our lineup. 

In addition, they handle hills and rougher terrain much better than single motor e-scooters can. Besides powerful motors and dual suspension, our dual-motor scooters also include larger tires that better absorb bumps, shocks, and jolts in your path. These scooters even tend to have a higher weight capacity than single motor e-scooters, letting you carry more with you on any given ride.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Dual Motor E-Scooters?

A man riding the GOTRAX GX2 performance electric scooter with a dual motor and digital display.

While dual motor e-scooters offer some of the best electric scooter performance, they’re not without a few drawbacks. The two motors consume more battery power, giving them a lower range per charge when compared to single-motor e-scooters with the same battery size. That being said, many dual-motor e-scooters come in bigger sizes, so they can accommodate larger batteries to compensate for their power usage. Our dual-motor e-scooters, particularly the GX2 and GX3, are among our longest ranged scooters.

They’re also much heavier than single-motor e-scooters. Besides having an additional motor, these scooters often have larger frames, bigger batteries, and other helpful features that vastly improve performance at the cost of portability. Though these e-scooters can still be carried, they’re a bit more difficult to bring upstairs or on public transport. Luckily, our dual-motor e-scooters still have a folding design, which makes them easier to carry and store. The GX1 is the lightest of our dual motor e-scooters, so if the weight of your ride is a concern, we recommend you check this scooter out.

Lastly, the increased performance and additional features tend to come at a bit of a higher cost as well. However, these upgrades are typically well worth it, especially for riders who like to take on rougher roads and steep hills. Dual motor e-scooters like our performance series are a great upgrade for riders who have gotten the hang of riding on more entry-level scooters and are looking to take their journeys to the next level.

Should You Buy a Dual Motor E-Scooter?

Two men riding the GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 folding electric scooters with dual motors and high capacity batteries

If you’ve got some experience riding and you have the means to do so, then we highly recommend you give a dual motor electric scooter a try. Dual motor e-scooters offer unbeatable performance and are more than worth every penny. 

For riders who like to push the limits of what their scooter can achieve, there’s no better option than a dual motor electric scooter. No matter what kind of scooter you find yourself setting out on, just remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and always wear a helmet!

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