The Best Electric Scooters for College Commuting

The Best Electric Scooters for College Commuting - GOTRAX

The spring semester is fast approaching, and as temperatures begin to rise, the weather will begin to improve, especially for electric scooter riders. Many college students rely on e-scooters as an alternative to walking or driving shorter distances to class, helping them stick to their packed schedules as they navigate campus. For students who don't already own a scooter, however, picking out the right one is no easy feat: with so many models to choose from, it can be difficult to find a scooter that’s both affordable and reliable. That’s why we’re going over some of the best e-scooters on the market for college students, helping you find a model that meets both your needs and your budget.

Best Budget: GXL V2

A man carrying the GOTRAX GXL V2 electric scooter with a 250 watt motor and folding frame down a set of stairs.

The GXL V2 is one of our most established e-scooter models. While we offer even more powerful scooters, the 15.5 mph top speed and 12.5 mile range are more than enough to get you to class and back in plenty of time. It’s also extremely lightweight, coming in at only 27 pounds; it even folds for easy carrying and storage. If you need to haul your scooter up a set of stairs to reach your apartment or dorm, you’ll appreciate the GXL V2’s portability. At a low price of only $279, the GXL V2 is the premier budget option for students looking to upgrade their daily commute.

Best Value: G4

A man walking down the street carrying the GOTRAX G4 electric scooter with a 500 watt motor and foldable frame.

The G4 is one of our most popular scooters for a reason. Though it’s seen upgrades in the form of the G5 and G6, riders keep coming back to the G4 due to its ideal blend of specs, portability, and price. It features a 500 watt rear-wheel motor, making it twice as strong as the GXL V2; as a result, it has a max speed of 20 miles per hour and a max range of 25 miles, lending you more than enough power for multiple trips around campus throughout your day. On top of that, its rear-wheel positioning helps the motor push you up steep hills that would otherwise leave you exhausted and sweaty by the time you made it to class. Though it’s 10 pounds heavier than the GXL V2, it still has the ability to fold, striking a balance between its specs and its portability. At $599, the G4 offers a fantastic array of features for its price, and we can’t recommend it enough.

Best Features: GX1

Person riding the GOTRAX GX1 Performance Electric Scooter on a Paved Path

If you’re looking for the best of the best, or if you have a particular long and rough commute to campus, look no further than the GX1. As one of our performance series of e-scooters, the GX1 is among our most impressive electric vehicles, offering dual 600-watt motors, dual suspension, dual hand-controlled brakes, and more. This e-scooter is a powerhouse, and it’s capable of taking you to and around campus in no time at all. Just be careful when riding the GX1 in busy areas: you don’t want to compromise the safety of yourself or your fellow students. Like many of our other e-scooter models, the GX1 is capable of folding, though at 76 pounds, we don’t recommend it for those who need to take regular trips up and down longer flights of stairs. Its $1,299 price tag is much higher than many of our other models, but its features and specs are more than enough to be worth the price.

Best Utility: Flex

A woman riding the GOTRAX Flex seated electric scooter with a storage basket and rear suspension.

The Flex is our most unique e-scooter. Thanks to its larger tires, integrated seat, and lack of pedals, it’s somewhere between a scooter and a bike. The ability to sit is certainly convenient, but the Flex’s most useful feature, at least for college commuters, is actually its rear storage basket. The Flex eliminates the need to sprint between far-away classes while hauling overly-heavy backpacks: rated to carry up to 50 pounds, the Flex’s rear basket is the perfect place to store textbooks, note pads, lunch boxes, and more while you ride. The Flex even comes in multiple models, giving you a few options to choose from based on your budget and your needs. The standard model of the Flex is only $499 and has everything you'd ever want for everyday commutes to class, making it one of our more budget-friendly options as well.

Each one of these scooters serves as a fantastic way to travel around your college town and your campus. If none of these are quite what you’re looking for, don't worry: we have so many other e-scooters to choose from. Plus, if you'd rather go with a different style of ride, we carry electric bikes as well. Before you pick a vehicle, be sure to check and adhere to your campus, dorm, or apartment's rules on riding, storing, and charging personal electric vehicles, and no matter what ride you end up taking to class, remember to always wear a helmet!

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