The Best Utility Rides for Every Situation

The Best Utility Rides for Every Situation - GOTRAX

Electric bikes and electric scooters are more than just a fantastic tool for getting from point A to point B. Thanks to their wide variety of handy and innovative features, they have a number of other beneficial uses as well. From commuting to delivering, shopping, exploring, and more, these versatile utility vehicles can meet the needs of a wide range of riders, and they’re currently on sale for as much as $500 off! There’s no better time to get an e-bike or e-scooter for yourself, so help you find the one that meets your specific needs, we’ve determined the best ride for every situation.

Best for Delivery: F2

A woman opening a food delivery bag on the rear cargo rack of a GOTRAX F2 Folding Electric Bike.

The F2 is part of our folding series of electric bikes, giving it plenty of utility in a variety of environments. Besides being easy to store and transport, this bike comes with an array of helpful features that make it great for deliveries of all kinds. Its integrated rear rack is perfect for carrying your cargo: it works with all sorts of bags, including food delivery bags. On top of that, its 48 volt, 14 Ah battery gives it a range of up to 50 miles, letting you make plenty of stops before you need to recharge. The revamped version 2 even comes with a variety of useful accessories, including a phone holder that will keep your GPS readily accessible while you’re trying to navigate to your next destination. You can give the all-new F2 V2 a try for only $799 while it's on sale, so now is the perfect time to take it for a spin.

Best for Off-Road: Tundra

A woman riding a GOTRAX Tundra fat tire electric bike with front and rear storage rack compatability.

If you’re looking to take your rides off-road, there’s no better option than the Tundra. Its shock-absorbing fat tires, adjustable front suspension, and responsive torque sensor help keep all of your rides smooth and natural, even on rough and unpaved terrain. It’s got more going for it than that, though. It has the capability to be outfitted with both front and rear racks, helping you carry anything you can’t fit in a backpack. This makes the Tundra perfect for all sorts of wilderness adventures, including fishing, camping, hunting, and more. If you need an off-road ride capable of hauling both you and your stuff, look no further than the Tundra; while it’s on sale, it’s at an unbeatable $400 off.

Best for College: Flex

A young woman posing with a GOTRAX Flex seated electric scooter with bike-like tires and a free storage basket.

Being a college student today can be tough. If you’ve got classes stacked back-to-back, then you have to rush all the way across campus in as little as ten minutes while carrying everything you need for multiple classes—and if those classes require textbooks, that can be a lot. If you’re struggling to travel between classes without showing up exhausted, then we have the scooter for you. The Flex makes use of larger, bike-like tires and a comfortable seat to give you all the benefits of the e-bike experience, all while maintaining a greater level of portability and storability thanks to its smaller size and folding handlebars. Plus, its free storage basket can carry as much as 50 pounds, easily handling all of your textbooks so you can give your arms a break. At only $399 on sale, the Flex is the perfect budget option for students trying to make the most of living in a dorm or apartment.

Best for Shopping: CTI 2

A young woman sitting on a bench next to a GOTRAX CTI 2 electric bike with a rear cargo rack and adjustable seat.

Even if you’re only making a quick trip to the store, you’ll want a vehicle that can carry both you and your groceries with ease. The CTI 2 is a fantastic way to get to your shop of choice without needing to bring out your car keys. This entry in our series of city electric bikes was designed to navigate urban streets, offering a convenient rear cargo rack and high-capacity battery to take you and your stuff to the store and back without issue. It even includes an ultra-comfortable seat, step-thru frame, and LED headlights for a smooth, convenient, and safe riding experience every time. The CTI 2 is available at $500 off for a limited time only, so grab it at an incredible price while you still can.

If you haven't seen a ride that meets your needs, don't worry! We have plenty of other vehicles to choose from, so you're sure to find something that suits you at a great price. No matter where you go or what you ride, safety is key, so remember to exercise caution while you roam, follow local laws and regulations, and always wear your helmet! 

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