The Best Electric Scooter for Kids in 2022

The Best Electric Scooter for Kids in 2022 - GOTRAX

Summer is right around the corner. We want to make sure your children can make the most of the sunny days to come. Our line-up of kids e-scooters will offer your child a safe, sturdy ride around your neighborhood. For our adult electric scooter owners, our electric scooters for kids provide the opportunity for your child to ride along with you. We'll go into detail about each of our e-scooters so you know which one is right for your kids. Regardless of what electric scooter you end up choosing, be sure your children ride safe and always wear a helmet. 


GOTRAX Pink Scout Electric Scooter for Kids

The Scout is the smallest of our kids electric scooters. Don't let the size fool you though. Solid rubber tires, a max speed of 6mph and an 80W Motor make this scooter perfect for the youngest of our riders. The deckboard also has LED-light up features that activate upon riding. The LED color will be based on what color of the Scout you get. This scooter is ideal for indoor riding. However, should your child take it outside be sure to accompany them and stick to sidewalks and paved paths. We recommend the Scout to kids 6+ due to its size and overall build since it was designed for younger and smaller children who aren't quite old enough for  one of our GKS models. 

 Daughter and Father assemble a GOTRAX Blue GKS Electric Scooter for Kids

Our first electric scooter for kids. The GKS is intended for kids looking to upgrade from the standard kick scooter. 6" Solid rubber tires make sure you don't have to deal with flats everytime your kid gets done with riding around. The GKS is capable of a max speed of 7mph and 6.2 miles per charge, we want to make sure your child stays safe while also being able to have fun! The GKS is activated by it's two button system on the deckboard. Just have your child kick off and place their feet on the appropriate spots and they are ready to ride!


 Young Girl Rides GOTRAX Blue GKS Pro Electric Scooter for Kids in a Park

The perfect transition e-scooter. The GKS Pro is for those who are too big for our smaller models but too small for our adult electric scooters. The GKS Pro is just right. This scooter also provides a boost in speed to 9 mph as a closer introduction to the speeds of the adult e-scooters we offer. The two button activation is simple and easy to use. The GKS Pro and the rest of the GKS line is kick to start. This helps in conserving the battery and motor since they don't have to start from a dead stop so your child can ride their GKS Pro for longer. 

GKS Lumios

GOTRAX Blue GKS Lumios Electric Scooter for Kids with front Illuminated wit Blue LED's

Our first electric scooter for kids that includes LED's. The GKS Lumios comes with the signature solid rubber tires and two button activation system as our GKS'. However, the Lumios' signature feature is it's bright LED front wheel. Light up your child's ride with this fun e-scooter. The GKS Lumios also comes with an adjustable handlebar so it can be suited to your kid's height. That way they can grow with the Lumios and ride it for years to come!

GKS Plus


GOTRAX GKS Plus Red with LED Strips Illuminated with a Dark Background

Swapping the LED Tire of the Lumios for LED Strips, The GKS Plus. Utilizing LED's around the entire instead of exclusively in the wheel the GKS Plus is our standout electric scooter for kids. A strong 150W Motor and lightweight build, under 22lbs, this scooter will be sure to carry your child all around their neighborhood! The LED strips come in various colors so be sure to go through each of them to see which one your child likes best. We recommend this electric scooter for kids who are looking for a bit more style in their ride. 

Whichever of these fabulous electric scooters your children want don't forget to get them a helmet, tell them to ride safe, and to have fun!

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