Unboxing & Overview: The Flex Electric Scooter

Unboxing & Overview: The Flex Electric Scooter - GOTRAX

Our latest electric scooter is here. The Flex Electric Scooter is our first with a built in cushioned seat and rear storage basket. Making it ideal for trips to the park or around the neighborhood. 

This e-scooter features a powerful rear wheel 350 Watt motor with a 36V 7.8aH battery let the Flex reach a top speed of 15.5 mph and up to 16 miles per charge for quick rides around town. The storage basket is capable of carrying up to 50lbs in case you run out of room in your back pack. Every ride is sure to be a smooth one thanks to the 14" air-filled tires and dual rear wheel suspension. Additionally, the Flex will arrive 90% built so you will only have to do some quick assembly of the handlebars and you'll be ready to ride.

Woman riding the GOTRAX Black Flex Commuter Electric Scooter with Built-In Seat.

This is a great commuter electric scooter that can handle the bumps and potholes of the city while providing a relaxed ride home. If you've been on your feet all day or frantically running around, it's nice being able to take a seat and enjoy the ride. The Flex is available right now for $499. Although, we run sales and promotions all the time so keep your eyes open for the right deal. You may even win one in our next giveaway. 

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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