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The XR Elite Guide - GOTRAX

The XR Elite Walkthrough

The XR Elite is one our best-sellers. Our Gotrax customers deserve only the best in products and customer service. Over time, wear and tear is normal on your e-scooter. That is why we are here to help you keep your XR Elite in the best condition as possible. 

Making your XR Elite Last

Be sure to inspect your scooter before and after every ride for damages. This helps to insure you catch any problems quickly to get them solved as fast as possible so you can go back to riding. 

The XR Elite is a road scooter. It works best in cities on smooth roads, paths and bike lanes. Taking your XR Elite across adverse terrain may cause damage not covered under warranty. It is important to take care of your scooter so it can take care of you. 

DO NOT use any corrosive solvents or cleaners to clean your scooter. A soft damp cloth is the best to use if your scooter needs a wash. DO NOT use a pressure washer to clean your scooter. 

Make sure you do not overcharge your XR Elite Electric Scooter. Overcharging can shorten the lifespan of your battery, make it over heat quicker and can result in the battery becoming unusable. 

Keep your scooter out of extreme temperatures. High heat, over 110 degrees, and freezing cold, 0 degrees or below, can have adverse affects on your scooter's battery and inner-wiring. 

Finally, Tires. Tires should be checked daily. Your tires should be at 50 psi to have a smooth ride and avoid pinching the tubes. 

Error Codes

E25 Troubleshooting Video [Here]

Error Code 21: Current abnormal
Exchange or Return
Error Code 22: Throttle abnormal
Unscrew the back of the handlebar panel and check the connections between the throttle and esc and brake. If anything appears damaged or misplaced contact Customer Support.
Error Code 23: Motor open phase
Replace Console
Error Code 24: Motor hall abnormal
Replace Console
Error Code 25: Brake abnormal
Replace Console



Unboxing and Assembly Video [Here]

Check Out a Video Review by [Here]

Check out How to Install your Accessories:

Take a Look at the XR Elite User's Manual

Please be sure you are still under our 90-Day Warranty before you file a claim

If you experience further issues please contact out Customer Support Team. 

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