You Can Still Gift GOTRAX This Winter!

You Can Still Gift GOTRAX This Winter! - GOTRAX

The holidays are a hectic time for everyone. If you haven’t quite been able to finish your seasonal shopping yet, don’t worry—you’re not alone! For our last-minute shoppers, we’ve come up with a way for you to give the gift of GOTRAX this holiday season, even if you missed our last-chance holiday shipping date. 

We’ve got stylish placeholder cards that you can print and wrap for your intended recipient. You can even print them on card stock or photo paper for an extra-official feel. The small size of the card makes your gift especially surprising; after all, nobody would expect a tiny package to be an electric bike, electric scooter, or hoverboard.

We have three options, one for each of our three most popular types of electric vehicle. You can click the corresponding link below to find the card that matches your purchase.

E-Bike Card
E-Scooter Card

Hoverboard Card

So, it’s not too late to give GOTRAX this winter! Even if your recipient’s personal electric vehicle is still on the way when it’s time to open presents, you’ll still have something to gift. Plus, our Holiday Sale is ongoing, meaning you can still take advantage of some of our best-ever prices on popular e-scooters and e-bikes like the G4, the Tundra, and the revamped F2. We hope we can help make the season special for you and your loved ones this winter!

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