GKS Electric Scooter for Kids

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Introducing a whole new style of electric scooters for kids! The GKS features 6" solid rubber tires that absorb vibrations making it glide effortlessly on cement or paved roads. The speed of the GKS kids scooter is locked at a safe but fun 7 mph. The compact 25v battery and 150 Watt electric motor powers the GKS for up to 6.2 miles per charge. Now the entire family can have fun, and remember to always wear a helmet!
 6.2 Miles Per Charge
 7 MPH Max Speed
150W Avg. Motor
 6" Solid Rubber Tires
 Dimensions: 32" x 15.2" x 34.2"
Weight: 17.8Lbs
 Charge Time: 5 Hours