Rival Electric Scooter

Sale price$349
Color: Black

The Rival is the ideal entry level electric scooter for people looking to join the millions of electric scooter riders. Perfect for short commutes and adventures around the neighborhood with a 15.5 MPH top speed and 12 mile range. 
 12 Miles Per Charge
 15.5 MPH Max Speed
250W Avg. Motor
 8.5" Air Filled Tires
 Dimensions: 43.3" x 16.7" x 44.1"
Weight: 26.45Lbs
 Charge Time: 4-5 Hours

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Customer Reviews

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Christmas Present Success!

Got this scooter for as a Christmas present for my daughter. Setup was super easy, and she has enjoyed it so far, once warmer weather arrives I'm sure it'll be used daily at that point. It's fairly lightweight and foldable, so it will make for easy transport to the local parks, camping trips, and various other places we typically visit throughout the year. Had one Little issue with the setup, but contacted customer service and it was easily resolved. Custom service goes a long way with me (as far as brand loyalty), I would definitely purchase another Gotrax Product in the future and recommend them to anyway else in the market. Thanks to the Gotrax Team for the help and for a great product lineup!

I like it!

Just got the gotrax rival. Picked it up used, but I don't think the guy rode it. It has a July 2023 sticker on the bottom, so new. I got it to use for work. We measure and inspect properties. Inspecting asphalt footpaths is perfect for this thing. That's exactly what my 218 lbs butt did today. Worked great. Steep grades kinda sux but having a little momentum helps. Flat ground, 15.5 is plenty fast enough for me. Tried to run the battery out, but only got it to drop to two bars. Probably about 8 miles. Folds up nice. I like the light too. Cruise control takes a bit to get used to. Be ready to hit that brake to turn it off. 🤪 I like the charger, but a bit bulky. Overall for my first scooter, and it helps me get from one spot to another at 54 years old, I'm happy 😊

Sasidhar Metla

Rival Electric Scooter