Shift S2 Electric Bike

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The Shift S2 is the successor to our inaugural e-bike, designed with a nimble frame and the capacity to travel up to 15.5 miles on a single charge for short journeys.

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Max Speed 15.5MPH

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Up to 15.5 Miles Per Charge

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250 Watt Motor

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14" Air-Filled Tires

Foldable Handlebars

Pedal Assist Technology


MAX SPEED - 15.5 mph




BATTERY SIZE - 36V 7.8aH Lithium-ion Battery (280.8Wh)

TIRE SIZE - 14 x 2.1 inches


DIMENSIONS -  46.4" x 19.2" x 43.3"

WARRANTY LENGTH - 1 Year Limited

FRAME MATERIAL - High Strength Steel

COLOR(S) - Black

INNER TUBES 14 x 2.1 inches

BRAKES - Dual Brakes on Front/Back Wheels

CHARGER - 42V 1.5A

Pedal Assist - Yes

Throttle - Twist Throttle


Shift S2 Compact Electric Bike

Our smallest ebike yet. The Shift S2 electric bike was built for those who still want the convenience of an ebike without taking up too much space. Ideal for quick commutes around your city. 

Pedal Assist + Throttle

Give you legs and lungs a break with pedal assist or let the Shift S2 do all the work and go full throttle. 

Folding Handlebar

Easy folding handlebars reduce the vertical amount of space this ebike will take up for easier storage and carrying. 


A unique key to your adds a level of security to your ride. Turn clockwise once to engage the motor and twice to turn on the LED headlight. 

14" Air-Filled Tires

Air-filled shock absorbing pneumatic tires help handle the bumpier parts of your commute. 

Adjustable Sizing

Easily adjust the seat height to meet your needs and create the most comfortable ride possible. 

Dual Braking

Just like you're used to with a standard bike, this ebike features dual braking to keep you safe and in control of your ride.

Integrated Headlight

A bright headlight is key to your visibility for those early morning and nighttime rides. 

Reactive Tail Light

A highly visible red tail light that shines when you brake. Let other riders, pedestrians, and motorists know when your slowing down. 

Woman standing with the GOTRAX Black Shift S2 Compact Electric Bike for Adults
Woman riding GOTRAX Black Shift S2 Compact Electric Bike for Adults
Woman on a GOTRAX Black Shift S2 Compact Electric Bike for Adults
Shift S2 Extended Warranty - GOTRAX

Shift S2 Extended Warranty

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*Only Available for New + Open Box Products*

This will cover your GOTRAX electric bike under our current Warranty Policy for 2 Years after delivery date. 

The warranty must be purchased with your electric bike through

GOTRAX will send you a return shipping label and cover the return cost however, packaging materials will not be provided. Upon arrival of your bike back to the GOTRAX warehouse, a gift card to for the amount paid for the bike will be issued to you. 

You can read our entire Extended Warranty Plan here.


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