Traveler Electric Bike

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The Traveler is the ultimate electric bike for the ultimate commuter. With power and capacity unlike any other model, the Traveler can reach distances up to 31 miles per charge and speeds up to 20 mph.

 31 Miles Per Charge
 20 MPH Max Speed
500W Avg. Motor
 29" Air Filled Tires
 Dimensions: 60.62" x 9.45" x 31.89"
Weight: 58.5Lbs
 Charge Time: 5 Hours



    500 Watt Motor and 48V Battery

    Front Suspension

    The Traveler features front suspension, giving riders more control when riding downhill and better control while braking.

    LED Display

    Enjoy the LED Display feature located on the handlebars, giving riders access to speed settings, power function, headlights and battery life.

    Pedal Assist

    The Traveler features pedal assist technology to enable easier and faster riding. Choose between 3 speed settings and ride up to 31 miles per charge when utilizing the pedal assist feature.


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