5 Essential Tips to Avoid Flats on Your Electric Bike

5 Essential Tips to Avoid Flats on Your Electric Bike - GOTRAX

There are millions of electric bike riders out today. They have become something of an overnight sensation, even outselling electric cars in 2022. However, they deal with some of the same problems as regular bikes. The main one being, flat tires. Replacing a flat tire can be a very time-consuming and frustrating affair but luckily GOTRAX is here to assist. We will give you 5 essential tips to avoid flats on your electric bike so you can enjoy the ride and not have to worry about tire issues. 

Man riding on a GOTRAX Tundra All Terrain Electric Bike

1. Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

We'll start with the easiest and simplest rule to follow, keeping the proper PSI in your tires at all times. Find the PSI on the sidewall of your tire and inflate to the proper number. We recommend using a bike pump with a gauge on it to get accurate PSI readings. Always check tire pressure before you ride, this will help you avoid being either under inflated or over inflated on your tires. An under inflated tire can lead to pinches and pops since the tire tube won't be able to absorb as much impact. On the other hand, over inflated tires are under unnecessary stress from the additional air in the tire tube.  

2. Check and Clean Your Tires Periodically

Before and after each ride double check to ensure there are no obstructions in the tread or punctures in the tire or tire tube. This can happen on occasion especially if you are riding off road, but a pebble or debris can get lodged in the tread and eventually cause your tire to tear or your inner tube to deflate. You can use a small prying tool and damp cloth to clean/clear your tires of any obstructions that may be affecting the performance of you're ebike. 

3. Avoid Hazards and Rough Surfaces

One way to avoid having any issues in the first place, is to fulling avoid possibly hazards on your commute. This can include off designated bike lanes, riding through construction zones, and poorly maintained roads. Although, you can't always avoid such hazards so the best thing to practice is slowing down and maneuvering around them or simple getting off your bike to walk with it rather than ride. 

4. Learn Proper Tube Installation

This can lead to problems for the entire lifespan of your tire tube and affect the performance of your ebike. First, you want to make sure the tube is place properly and aligned with the tire and rim. Then, ensure the air valve stem is fed properly through the rim and not pinched. Often times, a valve stem or improper tube placement will inevitably lead to the tire deflating. 

5. Carry Essential Repair Tools

While you may follow all of the above rules, you will sadly one day have to deal with a flat tire. You could swap to solid tires but they are very uncomfortable to ride on and provide much less traction than air-filled tires. If you plan on keeping air-filled tires be sure to bring a repair kit with you. This usually includes a patch kit, a spare tire tube, and possibly tire slime. You can build your own with any number of things but those three are a good starting point. 

Just remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet! These essential tips will help you avoid the more common mistakes ebike riders make.

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX! 

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