Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Electric Bike

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Electric Bike - GOTRAX

Electric bikes are an eco-friendly, convenient way to commute to work and get outside on the upcoming sunny summer days. Although, it is important to be properly aware of the mistakes first time riders often make so you can avoid them yourself. Today we will go over the five most common mistakes people while riding an electric bike

Ignoring Safety Gear

Woman putting on a Thousand Brand Helmet before riding a GOTRAX F2 Foldable Electric Bike with a Rear Basket Attachment on Rear Storage Rack

One of the most critical errors you can make is not wearing safety gear before you head out. A helmet, at a minimum, should always be worn to protect your head in case you crash or are involved in an accident. You should also consider wearing knee and elbow pads or gloves. Reflective vests and other accessories are a must if you plan on riding in low-light conditions. Safety takes absolute priority, so don't compromise when it comes the protective gear you wear. 

Neglecting Battery Maintenance

GOTRAX CTI Step Thru City Electric Bike Removable Battery Close Up

If you don't have a functioning battery, your ebike turns into a heavy standard bike. Most ebikes can still work without their battery as regular bikes but you want to be able to use the pedal assist when you need. That is why you must properly take care of your battery. Avoid overcharging and completely draining the battery to zero. This can affect the its overall lifespan and thereby how much you can ride it. Avoid temperature extremes, contaminants getting on the battery connectors, and moisture. Your batteries longevity and efficiency are secured as long as you follow these steps. 

Improper Tire Pressure

GOTRAX F5 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults Front Wheel Close Up

Don't deal with a bumpy ride just because you forgot to inflate your tires. A majority of riders often forget to check their tire pressure regularly enough. This leads to reduced traction, poor handling, and a larger chance for your tires to be popped or punctured. Reference your ebikes manual or the sidewall of the tire to find the correct pressure before you ride. You also don't want to over the recommended PSI as it puts unnecessary stress on the tire and tire tube. Furthermore, when you do ride avoid going through construction zones or places filled with debris on the ground to protect your tires so you won't have the replace them after every ride. 

No Preventative Maintenance

Man walking with a GOTRAX F1 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults onto a Train at Union Station

Just like your regular bike, you will still need to regularly maintenance your electric bike. Simple things like checking your brakes, cleaning/lubricating the chain, and proper gear shifting can save you a lot of headaches in the future. GOTRAX recommends establishing a routine and performing checks periodically. This will turn checking in on your ebike into second nature so you can avoid issues and keep riding. 

Breaking Traffic Laws

Man riding on a GOTRAX F1 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults

You must follow the appropriate laws, rules, and guideline set out by your county, city or state regarding electric bikes. Ignoring them gives a bad name to all ebike riders everywhere but more importantly puts you in harms way for no reason. Avoid riding on sidewalks and where pedestrians are usually present. Observe traffic signals, use hand signals for turning, and yield when you are required to do so. You should also be aware of your surroundings, riding conservatively and defensively to protect yourself and others. Cars are often unaware of or outright ignore bike lanes if they aren't separated by a barrier of some kind so please ride with caution when going on the road. 

Following these few simple steps and rules can save you a lot of time, money, and hassle. Take care of your electric bike so it can take care of you. Remember to ride safe and never forget to wear your helmet. 

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