Brisbane's Electric Scooters and E-Bikes Winning Over Residents

Brisbane's Electric Scooters and E-Bikes Winning Over Residents - GOTRAX

Brisbane was the first Australian city to introduce shareable electric scooters. That was roughly five years ago and the electric rideables are still going strong. In fact, according to a recent study from the University of Queensland, "More than 80 percent of visitors said e-scooters enhanced their experience when visiting the city." That 80 percent is from a response pool of close to 1000 that includes tourists and residents. The moral of the study is the benefit of micro-mobility and how much it allows a city to be explored. 

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Accessibility, convenience, sustainability, independence, and so much have been reasons for such an increase in there popularity around the city. Furthermore, a lot of people thought they serve as a better alternative to private car and public transportation. The lead author on the report, Dr. Richard Buning states, “This report identifies that e-mobility must be considered for transport and tourism planning and management, especially in anticipation of Brisbane 2032 when visitors will flock to the city and mobility will likely become a challenge."

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Dr. Buning is bringing up the 2032 Summer Olympics that are too be held in the city. In turn, this will bring a massive influx of people from across the globe. Rideshare cars and taxis are somewhat easier but they don't provide the same experience and are far more expensive. Electric scooters and e-bikes allow riders to find the less known and less traveled places of a city with ease.

One last thing, the main hesitation people have with riding them in the first place is safety and the lack of infrastructure to support these smaller motorized ways to get around. Brisbane still has close to a decade in order to prepare for the Olympics but the world must be ready for the shift towards car-alternative transportation. Whenever you start to find your new way to commute please be sure to do so safely and always wear a helmet. 

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