Enjoy Summer on the F5 Electric Bike

Enjoy Summer on the F5 Electric Bike - GOTRAX

Summer is in full swing, now is the time to get outside to ride and it would be hard to find a better ride than the F5 foldable electric bike

This ebike offers an incredibly smooth ride mainly thanks to the 20" x 4" pneumatic tires as well as the front wheel suspension system. However, the real ticket to make this the right ride for summer is the 60 miles of range you can get with the 48V 13.6aH lithium-ion battery. That means plenty of adventures and trips all on a single charge. On top of all that, the F5 comes with 5 different pedal assist settings so that you can control your speed with ease as well as the total range of your ebike. Get your own F5 today while it is available at a discount and save up to $500 for a limited time.

GOTRAX Electric Scooter Tiller Bag

Additionally, you'll need something to carry your stuff in as well and sadly the F5 does not carry any storage racks on its frame. Luckily, we have the perfect remedy to this problem. Our tiller bag for our electric scooters is on sale as well. Granted, it is traditionally used for escooters, the bag can still be used on our ebikes handlebars as well. We recommend mainly using it for the things you'd regularly keep in your pocket i.e. your phone, wallet, or keys. It provides a bit more of a secure place to put your things so they don't fall out of your pockets while pedaling. Be sure to pick up a tiller bag of your own while its 25% off its normal price!

Just remember whenever you're out riding on your F5 this summer to wear a helmet as well!

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX.

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