GOTRAX Asks: What is a Torque Sensor?

GOTRAX Asks: What is a Torque Sensor? - GOTRAX

Most electric bikes out on the road and off on the trails feature some kind of pedal assist technology. This allows riders to travel further while using less energy than on a normal electric bike. However, GOTRAX can now introduce you to our very first electric bike with a torque sensor, the Tundra. We'll go over torque sensors with a bit more depth and how they improve upon an already great way to get around. 

What is a Torque Sensor?

A torque sensor on an electric bike is a key component in the bikes drivetrain system. It is responsible for properly assessing the amount of force a rider puts on the pedals in order to provide the appropriate level of assistance with the motor. Torque sensors are often integrated into the bottom bracket or rear axle of the bike, it can then measure the amount of rotational force being generated by the rider.

What that means is the harder you pedal the more the motor will assist you and the faster you will go. The motor assistance is proportional to the force exerted by the rider, allowing for a more natural and seamless power delivery mechanism.

Why You Should Pick a Torque Sensor

Feels Natural and Intuitive

It is a more gradual way to deliver power from the motor. It isn't a predetermined level of power with a sudden burst that can often scare riders or make them nervous if they aren't expecting it. We'd recommend a torque sensor for first time riders because it feels closer to a normal bicycle thanks to the immediate connection with the motor

Close Up on the Tundra All Terrain Electric Bike Torque Sensor

Further Range

Detecting rider input ensures that the motor will assist when needed, optimizing battery life and extending the range of your ebike. You will get the most out of each and every ride while conserving energy. 

However, there are still some drawbacks to a torque sensor. You will have a harder time reaching top speed and it typically requires more effort to ride. Luckily, the Tundra features a thumb throttle so you can fully utilize its 750 Watt motor to give your legs and lungs a break at any point. 

Torque sensors are relatively new to the world of electric bikes but are slowly becoming more commonplace. There will no doubt be new and exciting ways to get riders around in the future and you should know, GOTRAX will be there every step of the way researching and developing electric bikes that cater to our riders. Just remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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