GOTRAX's Father Day Gift Guide

GOTRAX's Father Day Gift Guide - GOTRAX

Happy Father's Day from all of us at GOTRAX to you. We want to properly celebrate this Father's Day by putting some of our favorite electric scooters and ebikes on sale. The father figure in your life deserves to enjoy the growing world of micromobility. This is also a great opportunity to get a rideable for yourself as well! Taking family trips around the neighborhood or finding a new way to get work. There are so many ways an electric scooter or ebike can impact your life. Nevertheless, below you can find the products we've put on sale. We'll give a quick description of each of them so you can find the right one for Dad this Father's Day. 

G6 Electric Scooter

 GOTRAX G6 Commuter Electric Scooter

The G6 is one of our latest commuter electric scooters of 2023. It comes with a rear wheel 500 Watt motor and front wheel suspension for a fast, stable, and comfortable ride. The G6 will be on sale at $699 for a limited time so be sure to get your own GOTRAX today. This particular electric scooter has been a real hit for people living within larger cities as a quick, easy way to get around town without getting stuck in rush hour traffic. 

F2 Electric Bike

GOTRAX F2 Foldable Electric Bike for AdultsThe F2 is our most popular ebike of 2023 for a reason. It comes with a relaxed, step thru frame, adjustable seat, and front wheel suspension for ultimate comfort. The pedal assist technology allows you to choose from 5 different speed settings to manage velocity as well as battery life. Save $200 on your very own F2 when you buy today!

F5 Electric Bike

 GOTRAX F5 Foldable Electric Bike for Adults

The F5 is the top of the line foldable electric bike for adults. A uniquely designed frame that is powered by a removable 48V 13.6aH lithium-ion battery that can take you up to 60 miles on one charge. If you're looking for your next ride, now would be a great time to get the F5. Save $300 when you purchase yours before our Father's Day Sale ends!

Tundra Electric Bike

GOTRAX Tundra All Terrain Electric Bike for Adults The Tundra is a culmination of utilizing some of the best features from previous models and taking them to the next level. A rear wheel 750 Watt motor propels you to a top speed of 20 mph while the 48V 20aH removable lithium-ion battery has a max range of up to 70 miles per charge. This is the right choice for riders who want to truly explore the outdoors. You can save $300 dollars off your very own Tundra today, so don't miss out on this ultimate ride. 

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