The GOTRAX Black Friday Sale is Here!

The GOTRAX Black Friday Sale is Here! - GOTRAX

The holiday season is fast approaching, and we here at GOTRAX are excited to celebrate it with our Black Friday Sale! Over 20 of our best and most popular electric bikes and electric scooters are available at prices up to $600 off. Since we have so many unbeatable deals on offer, it may be difficult to decide which e-bike or e-scooter to pick up for yourself or an electric vehicle enthusiast in your life. That's why today, we're going to go over some of our best sale options for all kinds of e-bike and e-scooter riders.

The G5

A person standing at the top of a set of stairs with the GOTRAX G5 Electric Scooter with dual front-wheel suspension and a one-touch folding mechanism.

The G5 is the next step up from the G4, our most popular electric scooter. The G5 is a great choice for shorter daily commutes. Its 48 volt battery gives it a range of 20 to 30 miles per charge, which leaves you plenty of room to get to work, class, the grocery store, or beyond. Even if you take public transportation for part of your commute, you can easily take the G5 with you: it features a foldable frame, which allows it to be stored and carried with ease, even on a bus or train. On top of that, its 500 watt motor lets it go as fast as 20 miles per hour, making adventures out of otherwise mundane trips. The G5 has everything you'd want in a commuter electric vehicle, and during our Black Friday Sale, it's only $499.

The F2

A stationary GOTRAX F2 Electric Bike with a foldable frame and pedal assist.

If bikes are more your style, don't worry: we have options for you. The F2, for example, is part of our unique series of foldable electric bikes and serves as an upgrade from our entry-level foldable bike, the F1. Just like the G5, the F2 can be easily folded into a more compact shape and carried alongside you, transported in the back of a car, or even stored under a desk. Alongside our other e-bikes, it also comes with pedal assist, which lets riders customize the amount of work they need to do to maintain their speed. The low levels are great for preserving the bike's battery, while the higher levels let riders conserve their own energy, especially when going up hills. The F2 is the ideal upgrade to a daily commute, and with our Black Friday Sale, it's an unbeatable $280 off.

The Flex

A woman riding the GOTRAX Flex Electric Scooter with a comfortable seat and rear storage basket.

Having a hard time choosing between a scooter and a bike? Then you'll definitely enjoy the Flex. The Flex combines the best of both scooters and bikes: while it's built like a scooter, its larger tires and built-in seat give it a bike-like feel when riding. Unlike a bike, however, the Flex doesn't need pedals, resulting in less work for the rider. Between its padded seat and its rear-wheel suspension, the Flex is extremely comfortable, so it's ideal for everyday uses like running errands and commuting to work. It even has a basket on the back to carry additional items, like textbooks or groceries. This doesn't mean that the Flex is slow. While it won't reach the same speeds as the G5 or F1, its max speed of 15.5 miles per hour is enough to provide an exciting ride on any given trip. During the Black Friday Sale, the Flex is only $399, making it one of our most budget-friendly options.

These aren’t the only vehicles available in the GOTRAX Black Friday Sale, so be sure to check out our other options. Since we’re offering over 20 e-bikes and e-scooters at some of our best-ever prices, there’s sure to be a personal electric vehicle that meets your needs and fits your budget. Whether you ride e-scooters, e-bikes, or something in between, remember to follow your local laws and regulations, and always remember to wear a helmet!


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