Compact Ebikes

These smaller electric bikes still pack a lot of power. Our line-up of compact ebikes feature smaller motors and batteries with a lightweight frame for quick rides around town or across campus.

Compact, Covnenient, and Fun


Smaller frames and features means we can cut down on costs which brings the savings to you. A great option for young adults and teens looking for a way to get around.


You're not only saving space with your compact ebike but strain on your back and muscles when you have to carry your ebike. Less weight means less aches and more fun.


All our compact models come with one touch folding features so you can save even more space. Ideal for dorm rooms and one bedroom apartments.

Woman riding GOTRAX Shift S2 Compact Electric Bike

Designed for You


Avoid getting your clothes dirty from your tires kicking up water or mud with these built in front and rear wheel fenders.


Our key to start system provides an extra layer of protection from potential thieves.

Product Guides

Find Your Specific Compact Ebike on our Product Guide Page and find out how to properly take care of your electric bike so it can properly take care of you.


Our most affordable ebikes yet. You don't have to break the bank to enjoy the same ride thousands of electric bike riders around the world take. This makes our compact ebikes ideal for those new graduates and teens who need a steady mode of transportation.

Smaller Frame - Taking into account everything that has to go into an ebike, our compact line up is a marvel of engineering. Being able to reduce costs on our end to bring an economical option to you.

LED Display - A simplified look to our digital display provides you a quick readout on battery life as well as headlight control.

Pedal Assist - Just by riding an electric bike you are already saving yourself from car expenses. If you can take your whole ride without using public transportation, you save even more per ride.


Your compact ebike is much easier to manage when not riding than your traditional bike. We mentioned above about reducing cost but with that came a lower weight. Everything from the frame to the tires were designed at an optimal size for a compact, convenient and fun ride.

Aluminum Alloy - This light yet durable material is used across nearly our entire line up of electric bikes. It is also resistant to rust to protect your ebike from the elements and keep you riding for years to come.

Tires - Smaller, air filled shock-absorbing pneumatic tires are one of the first things you'll notice on your ebike. While only reaching 16" in our compact category of ebikes they still can handle the bumps and cracks of any city street.


Most of our compact ebikes fold just like our foldable ebikes do. However, we put them into their own category due to the overall size and function of each model. Additionally, it makes it even more apparent for college kids and one bedroom apartment owners which ebike to choose if they want to save the maximum amount of space.

Space Saver - Fold your entire ebike down to a close-packed movable frame to easily store your ride away when not in use or when you are taking it somewhere else.

Adjustable Seat - This cushioned seat can be fully removed from your electric bike if need be. When you put the seat back on the bike be sure to fit it to a height you are comfortable with.

Fold-in Pedals - One final thing. The pedals on your compact ebike can fold up, giving you that extra inch or two you may need when storing your ebike.