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4 products

Which Electric Scooter Is Right For You? 

Since joining the market in 2017, GOTRAX has continuously sought out ways to offer commuters bold, beautiful and eco-friendly electric rideables that expand the possibilities for personal transportation. There are a few categories to consider when choosing an electric scooter


  • Commuting

  • High Performance

  • Entry Level 

Commuting and Errands

Interested in improving your commute? GOTRAX commuter scooters are strategically designed to offer safe and efficient rides. When looking to find the right scooter for you, you must consider your commute distance, tire and motor size as well as commute-specific features

Commute Distance: The distance you are looking to travel is going to be one of the primary indicators of which model is right for you. Our commuter scooters range from 10-18 miles per charge. Individuals looking to use a scooter as their only form of transportation will benefit most from the models capable of longer rides. If you have a short commute, or plan to ride your scooter after taking a bus or train, you will likely find that our shorter distance scooters fit your needs best. 

Motor Size: Motor size is a useful measurement when considering an electric scooter. Larger motors will offer higher speeds and greater climbing capabilities. If you live in a city or town with large hills we advise looking into the electric scooters with a greater motor size. Riders with flatter, better maintained roads can get by with models featuring smaller motors. 

Tire Size: While it might not seem like an important feature, the size of your tires should be considered when buying an electric scooter. We recommend a minimum of 8.5” tires. Our scooters, which range from 8.5” to 10” are built to withstand city streets. If you live in an area where your roads are not well maintained, you should look into models with a larger tire size. 

Commute-Specific Features: Every commuter is different, and that is why all of our models are different. We offer a range of features that are specific to what any commuter may need. Features to look out for include folding capabilities, so you can bring your scooter with you on other forms of transportation, cruise control, LED headlights, rear brake lights and responsive, dual braking systems. We’ve included these in our models so that you can get the most out of your commute. 

High Performance

Serious electric scooter riders and individuals looking for top tier models can find exactly what they’re looking for at GOTRAX. We have developed several high performance models that take electric scooters to a whole new level. In addition to the important features listed above, our high performance models feature larger motors, faster speeds, greater suspension and LG Battery Cells

Larger Motors, Faster Speeds: We take high performance seriously, and that is why our models feature motors exceeding 350 Watts. These big motors will take you up to 20 mph and climb greater hills. 

Suspension: Riders traveling on bumpier paths will benefit from models that have greater suspension. You can find this in our G PRO 3-wheel electric scooter. 

LG Battery Cells: LG Battery Cells can currently be found in two of our high performance models, the GMAX ULTRA and the G PRO. 

Entry Level

Entry level riders have a place at GOTRAX, because we believe that everyone should go electric. If you, your child or a friend is looking for an electric scooter with the intent of riding around “just for fun” we have plenty of options for you.  

Many people choose entry level e-scooters because they are fun and cost efficient. We suggest these models for individuals traveling under 10 miles. The entry level scooters still come with digital display screens, air filled tires and our one-touch folding system for easy moving. Choosing an entry level electric scooter is an incredible way to add some fun into your life without breaking the bank. These models are often under $300, for hours and hours of fun. 

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