EBE2 Product Guide

Taking you further. The EBE2 is capable of a 50 mile range thanks to its pedal assist technology and a powerful 36V 12.5aH battery. If you have a longer commute and need to make some stops along the way this is the e-bike for you.

Mountain Bike Frame

A sleek and sturdy design ensures you'll have a ride for years to come.

Removable Battery

Easily take your battery inside or to a more convenient location to charge it so you don't have to move your e-bike everytime it needs to be recharged.

Front Wheel Suspension

Enjoy a smooth ride and handle any bumps or potholes on your commute with ease.

GOTRAX Tire Icon - Light Green

Pedal Assist

Give your legs and your lungs a break with our pedal assist technology so you can ride further for longer.

Two Men riding a White and Black GOTRAX EBE2 High Performance Electric Bikes Down the Road

Before You Ride

Find Out Everything You Need to know before you go on your first adventure with your GOTRAX Electric Bike

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Making Your Ride Last

These quick and easy tips can save you hundreds in the long run. Preventative maintenance and proper management of ride can keep you on the road and out of the repair shop.

Proper Charging

Don't charge your electric bike overnight. 4-5 hours is the recommended time for GOTRAX electric bikes. Overcharging your battery can decrease the lifespan of it.

Clean Regularly

Dust and grime can cause issues with the inner electronics of your electric bike. Use a damp rag to wipe of most dirt/dust off your ride. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals so you don't scrape paint or damage your e-bike further.

Check for Issues

Before and after every ride check for damages, a full charge, flat tires so that you can address the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.