Electric Bike Rebate Programs Continue to Grow in the U.S.

Electric Bike Rebate Programs Continue to Grow in the U.S. - GOTRAX

We have discussed several rebate programs for electric bikes here before and we have another wonderful update. Rebate programs are growing in number across the United States. 24 States currently offer at least one rebate program. From Maine to Hawaii you can get an electric bike of your own at a discounted price thanks to these rebates. A majority of these programs are to ensure access to electric bikes to lower-income buyers who can't afford a car or who simply do not want one. Several miles regularly traversed by car can be replaced by said ebikes. 

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The main issue now is keeping up with demand. Many of the rebate programs are relatively small in their scale and size in relation to the overall electric bike marketplace. The rebates and tax credits still drive awareness towards ebikes and alternative travel. Cars are slowly being replaced as the main form of transportation for the everyday worker. Although, some challenges are still readily apparent in a rapidly growing market. One of the main culprits is the lack of infrastructure in most cities to deal with motorized vehicles that aren't cars or motorcycles. Electric bikes are not meant to be ridden on sidewalks. They need dedicated bike lanes to separate all bike riders from traffic and avoid pedestrians. On the other hand, electric bikes are most popular in urban centers where the infrastructure best suits them. Wherever you call home, try to find new ways to get to where you need to go and cut down on your car use. If your state doesn't have any rebate programs for electric bikes, contact your local officials in order to to gain more support towards micromobility. Whichever electric bike you end up riding just be sure to wear a helmet. 

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