GOTRAX Asks: What is the Best Electric Scooter to Use?

GOTRAX Asks: What is the Best Electric Scooter to Use? - GOTRAX

GOTRAX has long been a recognized name in the electric scooter world. We currently have 14 different models of electric scooter available, with more on the way in 2023. At this rate, it can become a bit difficult to narrow down an e-scooter that is the right choice. You have to ask yourself, what is the best electric scooter to use? Today, we have the answer. We'll go over some of our most popular models so you can make an informed decision on the right GOTRAX for you.

Best Overall - G4

Man holding a GOTRAX G4 Commuter Electric Scooter in the Folded Position

We start with the best. The G4 electric scooter has been a mainstay at GOTRAX since it was released. Featuring a max range of up to 25 miles per charge and a top speed of 20mph. This e-scooter also recent received an upgrade to a 500 Watt motor from a 350 Watt so you should notice a significant improvement if you've ever ridden one before. It also comes with an integrated manual tiller lock and digital code lock for added security. On top of that, you'll enjoy 10" air-filled tires, one touch folding, and so much more. It truly is the Best Overall electric scooter GOTRAX has to offer. 

Best Commuter - GMAX 

GOTRAX GMAX Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults

For riders taking their e-scooters to and from work, look no further than the GMAX. Boasting a range up to 42 miles per charge with a top speed of 20 mph, that last mile commute will go by in an instant. If you don't want to wait for the bus or train the GMAX has the watt hours to handle the additional miles. However, if you do end up taking some public transportation, this e-scooter also comes with a simply one-touch folding mechanism to save space and make it much easier to carry. 

Best Starter - Apex

Man riding GOTRAX Black Apex Entry Level Electric Scooter for Adults

This e-scooter, like most of our products, will come 95% pre-built all you will have to do is attach the handlebars. The Apex electric scooter is our best entry level electric scooter largely in part because of the sleek, lightweight design and rear wheel 250 Watt motor. The acceleration and hill climbing ability are greatly improved thanks to said motor. The Apex also holds the distinction of being one of our first models to feature the battery in the deckboard for a more balanced ride. It's perfect for shorter commutes or rides around campus. 

Best Speed & Best Range - GX3

Man riding GOTRAX Green GX3 Performance Series Electric Scooter for Adults

Taking two categories and currently available for pre-order, the GX3 is set to be one of our new standout electric scooter models. It is our fastest electric scooter we have thanks to the dual 1000 Watt motors that help it reach a top speed of up to 38 mph. It has our most powerful motor yet and it is built with two of them. Those motors and the rest of the e-scooter are fueled by an impressive 54V 25aH lithium-ion battery that can provide up to 60 miles per charge. We only recommend the GX3 to those with previous and extensive experience in riding electric scooters. 

Best Comfort - Flex

Woman riding GOTRAX Black Flex Commuter Electric Scooter with Built-In Seat

Our first seated electric scooter. The Flex electric scooter comes with a built-in cushioned seat, rear wheel dual suspension, and 14" offers an incredibly smooth ride. Powered by a rear wheel 350 Watt motor brings you to a top speed of 15.5 mph. The Flex features a key-2-start system as well for additional security, without the key this e-scooter won't go. One other great feature is the rear storage basket with a 50lbs weight limit when you run out of room in your backpack. 

Best Deal - GMAX Ultra

Man riding a GOTRAX Black GMAX Ultra Commuter Electric Scooter for Adults uphill

A massive 36V 17.5aH LG brand lithium-ion battery and up to a 45 mile range are just a few of the highlights of the GMAX Ultra electric scooter. This electric scooter is our best deal thanks to its wide variety of features at an affordable price. The 350 Watt rear wheel motor, which provides a top speed of 20mph rounds out the internal aspects of the GMAX Ultra. The integrated tiller lock and digital code lock ensure that potential thieves can't simply pick your ride up and go. Our one-touch folding mechanism will drastically reduce the storage space required for this 46lbs electric scooter. 

Best Portable - GXL V2

Man carrying a GOTRAX Black GXL V2 Entry Level Electric Scooter for Adults in the Folded Position

We end where we began. Our very first electric scooter, the GXL V2. A lightweight frame, a simple one-touch folding mechanism, and 8.5" air-filled tires help keep this electric scooter under 30lbs. It is ideal for last mile commutes and pairs excellently with public transportation. The GXL V2 comes with a front wheel 250 Watt motor for a top speed of 15.5mph and up to 12 miles per charge. The 36V 5.2aH lithium-ion battery is cylindrical, located in the stem to keep it away from splashing and dust. We'd recommend this e-scooter for first time riders, college students, or teens who need a way to quickly get around their neighborhood. 

Let us know what GOTRAX you're riding and if it made the list through our Instagram or TikTok! Remember to ride safe and don't forget to wear your helmet!

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