How You Can Prevent Electric Scooter Theft

How You Can Prevent Electric Scooter Theft - GOTRAX

It is one of the last things you want to happen to your electric scooter. You just purchased your first electric scooter and you want to take it for a ride to the corner store for some snacks. You head in and leave your e-scooter outside. You come out and it's gone. 

Theft is one of the biggest problems you can face while using your personal electric vehicle. Today we are going to go over some of the best ways to prevent theft.

Bike U-Lock/Chain

The original way to protect your more personal rides is with a solid U-Lock or bike chain + lock combo. These handy accessories are easily stored in a back pack or tiller bag. Best attached to a bike rack, lamp post, or something securely attached to the ground or building. Most of the time these locks deter any want-to-be thieves from just picking up your electric scooter and running off with it.

Integrated Tiller Lock

GMAX Ultra Integrated Tiller Lock

Why buy a lock, when you can have one within your electric scooter. A select number of GOTRAX's electric scooters for adults feature an integrated tiller lock to be used on the go with ease. Customize your own manual code and a strong metal cable are the perfect safety combo. You can find integrated locks on the G3, G4, GMAX, GMAX Ultra and G Pro electric scooters. 

Take It With You

Folded Gotrax GMAX Ultra

This is the sure fire way to prevent theft or any unwanted damage to happen to your e-scooter. While not always convenient to walk around with your electric scooter, many are foldable and easy to carry. Your e-scooter never leaves your side. Never leave your electric scooter, e-bike, or any rideable unattended and unlocked. You will eventually not have a ride. 

Remember, wherever you are riding, ride safe and always wear a helmet!

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