Check Out Our Interview With Daniil Kvyat for NASCAR at COTA

Check Out Our Interview With Daniil Kvyat for NASCAR at COTA - GOTRAX

Meet Daniil Kvyat, the driver we sponsored for the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Circuit of The Americas in March. He’s a highly-accomplished driver best known for his career as a Formula One racer, though he also has plenty of other racing experience under his belt—NASCAR included. We got to sit down with him and pick his brain about a number of topics. We even got him to try out a couple of our favorite electric bikes and electric scooters.

In terms of scooters, we had to bring the best of the best, so we had him try out the GX3. This dual motor performance e-scooter is one of our fastest rides, offering the ultimate e-scooter experience. For fans of high-speed and high-adrenaline racing, the GX3 is a natural choice.

We also introduced him to the MX1, our very first mid-drive e-bike. Thanks to its central motor placement, the MX1 offers an efficient and balanced ride for up to 82 miles at a time. This versatile ride is capable of handling almost anything you could ever need, so it’s a great choice for any kind of rider, especially those who are looking for the best possible performance out of their ride.

And of course, we had to show him the Tundra, our premier fat tire e-bike. Between its wide tires, front suspension, and torque sensor, this bike takes on any kind of ride without issue, all while keeping your trips smooth and comfortable. As you may have seen in the video, Daniil even signed one of these awesome bikes for us.

NASCAR Driver Daniil Kvyat standing with a GOTRAX GX3 Dual Motor Performance Electric Scooter.

We’re so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and speak with the incredible Daniil Kvyat; if you can, you should really check out our interview with him. And as always, no matter what or where you ride, remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and always wear a helmet!

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