The Best Places to Ride Your Electric Scooter

The Best Places to Ride Your Electric Scooter - GOTRAX

Electric scooters are a fast, fun, and eco-friendly way to get around. But where exactly is it that electric scooters are so great at helping you navigate? For newer riders, the paths down which you can take your electric ride may be unclear. While you may be tempted to take your e-scooter down the sidewalk, just like you might have ridden a regular scooter on the sidewalk, this can be unsafe: the top speeds of many e-scooters are too fast for the sidewalk, and riders should not take their electric rides onto populated sidewalks at high speeds. In some areas, riding on the sidewalk is even illegal. So where exactly can you ride? Instead of the sidewalk, here are some of the best places to ride your electric scooter.

In the City

Electric scooters are a fantastic way to get around urban areas. Their speeds are ideal for city traffic in many areas, and the foldability of many lightweight scooters make them a great ride for those who spend time on public transit or need to haul their scooter into an apartment. They can be used for everything from commuting to grocery shopping, so they’re the perfect replacement for a car; they'll even save you money. You’ll want to check your local rules for e-scooter riding to see where they are and aren’t allowed, but in general, stay off the sidewalk while riding, and stick to bike lanes or the rightmost lane when you can.

Two men riding GOTRAX GX1 and GX2 electric scooters with dual motors and dual suspension on a city street.

Through Trails

There’s no better way to enjoy nature than on an electric ride. While your scooter does all of the hard work, you can relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural world. E-scooters are a quiet and eco-friendly way to get around when compared to gas-powered vehicles, so they’re the ideal ride for nature lovers. While most e-scooters don’t handle the off-road as well as e-bikes can, performance e-scooters with some off-road capability are a great choice for milder and paved trails; just make sure the path you want to go down allows e-scooters.

Person riding the GOTRAX GX3 Performance Electric Scooter Off-Road

Across Campus

E-scooters are the perfect ride for college students. The lightweight, folding design of many commuter e-scooters is ideal for storing in an apartment or dorm, and a scooter is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a car for those who don’t need to travel long distances. Plus, unlike a car, an electric scooter can be ridden across campus, making it a fantastic form of travel between classes as well. As always, however, be sure to follow campus rules and guidelines for electric scooter use and storage.

A man riding the GOTRAX G4 folding electric scooter for adults on a paved path.

While there are plenty of other great places to take your e-scooter for a spin, these are some great places to start if you’re struggling to come up with ideas. No matter where you ride, just remember to stay safe, follow the rules of the road, and always wear a helmet!

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