Paris' Rental E-Scooter Ban Goes into Effect

Paris' Rental E-Scooter Ban Goes into Effect - GOTRAX

Close to 15,000 electric scooters have been removed from the city of Paris. After a vote in April calling for them to be removed, the ban finally goes into effect. Originally beginning in 2018 but after several hundred complaints and reported injuries, they have finally been taken off the streets. However, privately owned electric scooters are still allowed to be ridden and used within the city. Paris officials attempted to mediate the situation before outright banning the rental scooters. This included reducing the amount on the street, designated parking spots and reduced speed but it was not enough to sway the court of public opinion. 

The Skyline of Paris, France at Dawn.
Residents overwhelming voted for the removal of "self-service scooters" with 89% voting in favor of the removal. Although there are still some who support the rental models. Typically it is amongst younger Parisians who used the electric scooters to get around when they didn't have another option to do so. They can still utilize private escooters though, people can save the money from the rentals and put it towards a more permanent solution.
Through the use of public transportation, walking, biking, electric scooters, e-bikes as well as other forms of micro-mobility will help Paris and other urban centers move away from car dependency. We've seen New York City, Tempe, Tel Aviv, and much more adapt to the changing world of transportation. GOTRAX is always excited to share these changes towards a greener future because it typically means more people riding on a GOTRAX but it also shows peoples ability to adapt. Just remember, whatever you are riding to do so safely and with a helmet.
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