The Best Personal Electric Vehicles Under $1000

The Best Personal Electric Vehicles Under $1000 - GOTRAX

The world of personal electric vehicles is constantly expanding. Newer electric scooters and e-bikes continue to saturate shopping pages. We're here to not only tell you our favorite choices but save you some money as well. GOTRAX has several options available for any kind of commute, ride, trip, or adventure you want to take without burning fossil fuels. Here our top picks for the best electric scooters and e-bikes under $1000. 

GMAX Ultra

The ultimate electric scooter for adults. The GMAX Ultra boasts a max range of 45 miles per charge thanks to a powerful LG 36V 17.5aH battery conveniently placed in the deckboard for a more balanced ride. This e-scooter comes with a built-in tiller lock along with a digital security code for added security. We recommend this electric scooter for adults who need to commute and then some. Utilize the different speed settings to prioritize range with L1 capping the  speed to 15.5 mph or speed with L2 to reach the GMAX Ultra's top speed of 20 mph. When you're going that fast don't forget to grab a helmet


The first e-bike from GOTRAX's EBE series and first foldable electronic bike. The EBE1 was made for apartment renters, tiny home owners, and people just looking to save on space but still have a fun, eco-friend, and efficient way to travel. Easy one-touch folding makes this e-bike easy to assemble and easy to put away. The 16" tires not only take up less storage space than some of the larger bike tires, they are also shock-absorbing so you can enjoy a smooth ride.  On top of that, our pedal-assist technology takes the EBE1 to a max range of 27.9 miles per charge and makes hill-climbing a breeze.

XR Ultra

An ideal entry level electric scooter for adults. The XR Ultra is the first scooter in our XR series and the only one in the XR series with an LG Battery. Built with one-touch folding for ease of carrying and storage, this e-scooter is also one of our lightest coming in just under 27lbs. This electric scooter is recommend to those with inner-city commutes who may not want to walk in between subway stations or bus stops. The XR Ultra also comes with 8.5" air filled tires to take on any city streets and a bright LED headlight to keep the way illuminated for those early morning commutes and evening rides home. 


Man on GOTRAX Black Emerge Electric Bike for Adults

The Emerge electric bike is perfect for trips to the park, and commutes. It is built with a durable, strong frame to handle any kind of commute you can throw at it. You'll most likely forget about the 26" air filled tires and front wheel suspension because the ride is so smooth. Furthermore, if you are looking to optimize battery life take advantage of the easy to read led control panel on the handlebars. 3 speed settings put you in control of how fast you want our pedal assist technology to take you. 

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