Top 5 Cities to Ride Your Electric Scooter

Top 5 Cities to Ride Your Electric Scooter - GOTRAX

While several states have embraced the electric scooter movement by passing regulations, approving legislation, and incorporating fleets of this commuter-conscious transportation into city infrastructure, where to ride your escooter remains a relatively common question. As some states are friendlier than others when it comes to escooter approval and safety standards, this guide summarizes the top five trending cities that will welcome you, and your ride, with open arms. 

San Jose, California

Downtown San Jose Intersection

The introduction of electric scooters and ebikes in San Jose has been extremely successful—think temperate weather and a community of Silicon Valley commuters eager to beat traffic and simplify their ride to work. An early partner of the micromobility movement, the city has had almost five years to institute safety standards, discover best practices, and familiarize residents with a variety of different fleets and rental brands. In fact, electric scooters complement the city of San Jose’s EMAP, or Emerging Mobility Action Plan, which emphasizes the importance of technology that aids the transit of people or goods from one place to another. For further integration, several scooter companies are interested in partnering with BART, the Bay Area’s heavy rail rapid transit system, to deploy scooters at different stations—an innovative solution that reduces time spent traveling. Not only are electric scooters the perfect transit solution for visitors and commuters, they’re also highly coveted by the students at San Jose State University, who regularly use these devices to navigate campus. 

Seattle, Washington

Seattle Skyline

Shareable scooters, bikes, and e-bikes are no secret in Seattle, Washington, as residents are regularly looking for new ways to get from point A to point B with ease, affordability, and an eco-friendly mindset. It’s no surprise that just last year Seattle offered three new escooter brands the opportunity to launch a fleet in their city. From downtown Westlake to Alki beach, you’ll notice Bird, Link, Lime, Spin, and Wheels scooters available for rent, and the combination of bustling traffic and beautiful summer weather may just inspire you to hop on and enjoy a ride yourself. Even better, Seattleites are accustomed to sharing the street with a variety of non-motorized commuters, like scooterists, bikers, and pedestrians, so they follow the rules of the road when it comes to respecting fellow commuters.

Portland, Oregon

Eastbank Esplanade, Portland, Oregon.

When escooters were introduced into the public’s consciousness in 2017, Portland was one of the first of many urban areas to adopt the new mobility service. As an area known for its scenic routes and nature-loving residents, electric scooters offered the perfect solution to locals and tourists looking to get around the relatively small metropolis while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you’re a first time rider, traveling with your very own device, or looking to affordably rent one for a day of sightseeing, Portland is the perfect place to experiment. Uniquely, this city offers travelers designated lanes for electric and non-electric traffic, which makes riding safe and convenient to navigate—even if you’re new in town. Additionally, Portland is known for its excellent parks and recreation department, which means several areas offer explorers multi-use paths to enjoy throughout their travels.

New York City, New York

New York City Skyline

While e-scooters landed in New York City with mixed review, as a result of crowded streets and unclear guideline, these commuter-friendly gadgets are certainly gaining traction in 2023. While previously banned due to lawmakers’ safety concerns regarding incredibly congested streets, e-scooters became “street legal” in late 2020. New Yorkers rejoiced, swiftly embracing the new style of transit and enjoying the flexibility of navigating shortcuts, avoiding packed subway cars, and quickly commuting from one borough to the next. After years of sitting on the sidelines as several U.S. cities approved this unique style of transportation, NYC is finally supporting the cause with brands like Lime, Bird, and Veo demonstrating their validity as an alternative mode of transit. Hop on an e-scooter rental or pack your own. It’s the most trendy way to enjoy Central Park’s attractions.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis, Minnesota

In recent years, Minneapolis, Minnesota, has earned the title of an “up and coming city” in the United States. Widely recognized for its Midwestern charm, progressive politics, burgeoning art scene, and excellent public transit system, it’s common knowledge that this town is swiftly expanding. While Minneapolis was one of the earliest cities to adopt e-scooters, embracing this transit option in 2018, these devices are quickly calling suburbs like Grand Rapids, Albert Lea, and Golden Valley home. Furthermore, as individuals continue to migrate to the Twin Cities, the state has recognized the importance of offering civilians affordable, convenient, and eco-friendly transit opportunities to meet the demands of its residents.

Wherever you ride your GOTRAX be sure you are riding responsibly and don't forget to wear your helmet. Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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