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Child in Darth Vader-inspired costume riding on a GOTRAXT HOVERFLY PLUS hoverboard

Use the Hoverboard Force in Your DIY Darth Vader-Inspired Costume


Crush the rebel uprising and conquer the galaxy in this DIY Darth Vader-inspired costumeA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Anakin Skywalker fell to the dark side and emerged as the Sith Lord Darth Vader.

The character quickly became a cultural icon after the original Star Wars film came out in 1977.

Vader’s continuing popularity means that costumes like his are always a big hit on Halloween.

Embrace the dark side and feel the power of the Force when you step on your Mars Red GOTRAX HOVERFLY Eco Hoverboard while donning a homemade Vader-inspired costume.

Command a fleet of starfighters and space troopers as you cruise through your trick-or-treating on a space-age hoverboard that’s sure to make you the highlight of every party you attend. Then hit the hyperdrive and cosmic glide past rebel ships while lighting up the night with cosmic colors and lunar-bright LEDs.

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GOTRAX is making it easy to create a last-minute Darth Vader-inspired DIY costume in no time with our handy how-to guide with our downloadable and print-ready shopping list, step-by-step instructions, and tips.

Quickly create your own unique Star Wars-inspired Halloween costume by following our simple step-by-step instructions below.

"Command a fleet of starfighters and space troopers as you cruise through your trick-or-treating on a space-age hoverboard."

How to Make Your Darth Vader-Inspired Halloween Costume

Here’s what you’ll need to put the costume together: 

STEP 1: Assemble black clothing

Icons for a black long sleeve t-shirt and black pants

Vader strikes an imposing figure in his all-black armor, so the first step to putting a costume inspired by this villain together is to go out and get some black clothes.  If you use clothes from your closet, just note that you’ll be attaching duct tape to the shirt to replicate Vader’s chest box.

If you decide to buy black clothing for this costume, keep in mind the environment where you plan to wear it. For example, buying bulkier clothes will be better for trick or treating on a chilly evening, but you could get a bit stuffy at a crowded Halloween party.

One option to consider is adding a bit of padding to give the impression of muscles underneath the suit. While this will help make the costume a bit more menacing, the padding isn’t a requirement. Besides, who needs muscles when you have elite lightsaber skills?

STEP 2: Cut out duct tape for the colorful chest unit

Icons for silver,red, and blue duct tape and scissors

One part of Vader’s costume that stands out is his signature chest unit. In the films, this control box helped check the character’s vital signs. Luckily, our version will be less complicated and 100% duct tape.

Use your scissors to cut out pieces of duct tape to recreate the buttons on Vader’s chest unit. You should have one red square, one blue square, six silver rectangles, one larger red rectangle, and three smaller red rectangles.

Next, lay your black shirt down on a flat surface and attach the duct tape in a pattern that resembles the original costume like the one below.

Step 3: Get your dark side accessories to complete the costume

Icons for a Darth Vader mask, red lightsaber, and black cape

Save time by purchasing a black mask along with a red lightsaber like the one Vader uses in the movies. Just make sure your mask will fit over a helmet safely.

You can also purchase a black cape or make one using lightweight fabric that won’t slow you down or get in the way.  Fleece or satin works well, but even a black bath towel will do in a pinch.

Make Your Darth Vader-Inspired Costume Even Better with a GOTRAX HOVERFLY PLUS Hoverboard

"Embrace the dark side and feel the power of the Force when you step on your Mars Red GOTRAX HOVERFLY PLUS Hoverboard!"

In the Star Wars films, your favorite characters use the Force to glide across the ground. You can tap into the Force and glide through the galaxy on your very own GOTRAX HOVERFLY Eco Hoverboard.

Black may be Vader’s signature color, but his lightsaber is an intergalactic red. The Mars Red GOTRAX HOVERFLY Eco Hoverboard will match your red lightsaber perfectly. Use your phone to play the Imperial March Vader theme through the built-in Bluetooth® speaker on the HOVERFLY PLUS.

It’s easy to go from padawan to hoverboard master using the quick and easy Training Mode feature on the GOTRAX HOVERFLY PLUS. And the top-ranking torque powered by dual 350W force field motors means you can complete the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs.

All electric, battery, and charging systems in the HOVERFLY PLUS are tested and certified to UL 2272 safety standards for self-balancing electric scooters aka hoverboards. For more protection, we added non-slip foot platforms, rubber bumpers, and system safety features including Auto Shutdown.

gotrax robot trax rides a hoverfly hoverboard in nebula black in space

GOTRAX HOVERFLY PLUS Hoverboard Halloween Safety Tips:

  • Always wear your safety helmet and athletic shoes with the laces tied and out of the way.
  • Keep your mask off while riding on the hoverboard so you can see where you’re going and adjust your black cape to make sure it doesn’t snag in the hoverboard wheels.
  • Remember to read the full Commander’s Manual before riding your GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard and know how to and where to ride safely.

"Now, witness the power of this fully operational GOTRAX Hoverboard."

How to Get into Character for this Costume

Now that you’ve got the look down, it’s time to get into character before heading out on Halloween night.

The first thing to do is go out and watch all the Star Wars movies to get a feel for who Darth Vader is and how this iconic villain acts. Start with the original trilogy, or go all out and watch the prequels and even newer films like Rogue One for valuable Vader insights.

Plus, your whole family will enjoy geeking out on Star Wars! Star Wars may not be a traditional Halloween movie, but the films are action-packed and generally kid-friendly.

Watching the movies will also help you work on your lightsaber moves. While you won’t want to duel anyone in real life, you can still impress your friends with some sweet spin moves both on and off your Mars Red GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard.

"Get the entire family on-board for a hoverboard Halloween with a few more movie-inspired costumes."

More Movie-Inspired DIY Costume Ideas for the Whole Family

Darth Vader is an iconic movie character, and with this guide, you can take your Vader-inspired costume to the next level by adding a GOTRAX HOVERFLY PLUS Hoverboard.

Get the entire family onboard for a hoverboard Halloween with a few more movie-inspired costumes.

Want to go from Jedi Knight to Dark Knight? Check out this handy how-to guide on creating your own DIY Batman-inspired hoverboard costume.

For another blockbuster-inspired costume, check out our DIY Island Princess costume inspired by Disney’s Moana. She may not be able to use the force, but she can control the sea, and that’s pretty awesome, too! Or, unleash your inner Amazon warrior in a costume inspired by the recent Wonder Woman movie.

No matter which costume you choose, you’ll be able to keep the Halloween fun rolling all night long with your GOTRAX HOVERFLY Hoverboard.

Disclaimer: These costumes are not sponsored, reviewed, or endorsed by DC Comics, Disney Enterprises, Inc, or LUCASFILM LTD. Wonder Woman, Batman, and any associated characters and movie titles are trademarks or registered trademarks of DC Comics. Disney Moana and any associated characters and movie titles are trademarks or registered trademarks Disney Enterprises, Inc. Darth Vader and any associated characters and movie titles are trademarks or registered trademarks of LUCASFILM LTD.All other trademarks or service marks used on this website are the trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners.

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