5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Bike Over a Regular Bike

5 Reasons to Choose an Electric Bike Over a Regular Bike - GOTRAX

Our electric bikes are quickly taking over city streets around the U.S. and for good reason. While we love people taking their bikes to work over their cars they don't want to work too hard just to get to where they need to go. That is where electric bikes come in. They offer a multitude of advantages that your standard road bike often can't compare to. These are the five reasons to choose an ebike over a regular bike. 

Increased Speed and Range

You can go faster for longer on an electric bike than you on your traditional bike. This is mainly attributed to the pedal assist (PAS) technology within the ebike. The range will vary depending on the level of PAS you utilize throughout your ride. Additionally, it provides you a new way to interact with your ride and control the speed without having to use a gear system. This is incredibly beneficial for commutes and recreation since you'll be able to cover more ground with less effort. 

Reduced Effort and Sweat

Woman riding the GOTRAX CTI Step Thru City Electric Bike

Our next reason ties in very closely with our first, and is particularly important for commuters. You don't want to get to work already exhausted and sweating. It's doubly helpful if you have to wear more formal attire and don't want to ruin your look. That's not to say you can't still get a workout in when you want to. It goes back to managing the PAS level. Use the lower levels when you want to put in more effort and the higher levels to avoid the sweat. You can even use just the throttle on all our electric bikes if you don't want to do any work at all and sit back to enjoy the ride. 

Eco-Friendly Transportation

Don't get stuck waiting in line at the gas station and don't worry about toxic emissions. When you commute or ride with your ebike instead of a car you are contributing to the solution to climate change. Whether you are driving two minutes or two miles every moment replaced by an ebike is that much less greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Finally, you won't have to waste your time in rush hour traffic, use bike paths and lanes to skip the lines and get home sooner. 

Ease of Riding

Granted bike riding is already available to wide range of people, ebikes open the doors further. Regardless of age or weight or fitness level ebikes, generally, can accommodate everyone. The pedal assist technology offers a great way to work out without overstressing your muscles and body. You can give your legs and lungs a break when need be at a higher PAS (pedal assist setting) and get back to working out at a lower PAS.

Versatility and Variety

The GOTRAX R1, F1, and F2 Foldable Electric Bikes

Adjustable PAS, multiple gears, and attachments allow you to tailor your ride to you. There are hundreds of varieties of electric bikes out in the world and they all fall under 3 different classes. This has only increased competition and drive to create the best ebike out there. GOTRAX offers you a selection from all terrain, foldable, city, and even compact ebikes so there is plenty to look at and select one. At the end of the day, you have to find the right electric bike for your lifestyle but no matter what ebike you end up riding, please be sure to wear a helmet!

We hope this convinced you to take a further look at electric bikes and why we think they are the best option for you. If you have any questions about our electric bikes or our other rideables don't hesitate to reach out.

Ride Together. Ride GOTRAX!

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