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GMAX Ultra Electric Scooter
Bryan Ampaabeng Ampaabeng

They **** out when you need them the most and this is my second scooter from this company.

love GoTrax

Great experience with this company.

G4 - fun

Currently deployed overseas and this is my only means of transportation. I’ve put over 100 miles on the scooter in under a month. I have zero complaints. Tons of fun!

I need a fender for G4

Fender for g4

Muy bien me llego lo que pedí y en tiempo

Very strong and fast scooter. This scooter is worth every penny. Don't forget your safety gear. And hold on for a nice ride.

We have yet to be contacted about a replacement!!!

This is so unfair! Our son literally only had this scooter for 5 weeks before the brake handle broke! I have been trying to contact GOTRAX about a replacement brake handle with no help!!!! This is not right! They sell you a $500 dollar scooter that can not be repaired!!! I'm devastated for my son. He only had used this scooter a handful of times!!!!!!

Great bike

Easy to remove the bike from the package and installed, took about 30 minutes and our bikes were up and running


Same thing happened to my sons broke in same exact spot and can’t find one anywhere!!!

No back battery

Ordered the Campus Pro and then find out that there is no replacement battery available. Let's hope that the current battery doesn't go bad.

Great customer service for the most part and they’re standing by their product which is good to see

Gx3 Electic scooter

I really can't leave a good review because I have owned for a few days the only thing I can say that is fast and need a little bit of stability in the front when you are riding in open areas do to the fastness of the scooter but other them that is smooth I need to do another review in a few weeks or maybe a month and give you guys a good review of the scooter thank you.

Awesome commuting bike

For $700, the F2 version 1 is a solid bike. The PAS is pretty powerful especially level 3 and above! The fat tires make it stable on variable terrains (dirt, ice, snow). I hardly ever use the throttle because the PAS mode is pretty powerful on its own.

They work good thank you for your help!

GX1 Electric Scooter
Martin Riley
GoTrax GX1

I love this scooter! My First scooter and it is AWESOME. It does everything just like the ad says. It's Fun, Fast, Quick and Powerful. You will not be disappointed.

G4 Electric Scooter
Nate Singer
Perfect for College.

I originally purchased the HiBoy S2 as a college daily commuter a few months ago, and after a disastrous experience with that scooter, I decided to upgrade to something a little nicer, and went with this product.

This is the perfect college commuter. I've put just under 160 miles on this scooter and its held up flawlessly so far. The top speed is solid, it climbs hills with relative ease, the battery is more than enough to get all around campus and off campus with plenty to spare, and the ride is smooth and comfortable.

Is it a perfect scooter? No. The throttle sometimes is a little finicky with starting up, the integrated cable lock I reckon could be cut with a pair of hand sized pliers, it could be faster admittedly, and I've heard this company has abysmal customer service although I've yet to need their help. Definitely take that last part into consideration though, bad customer service is a miserable experience.

With that said, I believe this is the perfect college scooter. It's not too fancy and expensive, but it gets the job done reliably and comfortably. I wish I'd bought this scooter in the first place rather than making the mistake with HiBoy, which deleted my negative review from their website. Highly recommend this product, I doubt not much else compares with this for the price.

CTI Electric Bike
Danny Zuehlke
175 miles in 21 days

I got a transit ebike on clearance. Best purchase I've made in a long time. So much fun. When my display broke, go trax covered the warranty and another is on the way... can't wait to get back on it...

Apex Electric Scooter

CTI Electric Bike
Alexi DiPietro
A most excellent bike

I bought this go trax Transit electric bike for my personal Christmas gift !!!!
What an awesome bike!
So much fun!

F3 Gotrax Grey.

This bike is so cool, awesome and comfortable. I like to ride on the sidewalk and switch gears and stop and go manuvering almost like small mongoose. The torque is sufficient enough to cross streets and avoid collisions. The brakes keep me safe and the riding is easy like schwinn. My concern is that the ignition (which is under the bike) will be damaged by mud or rocks while I ride or maybe my key will be damaged. I remain very vigilant while riding and I keep extra inner tubes and toolkit handy to ride. My other concern is that (like traditional bikes) when I flip the bike upside down, the LED screen is subject to damage as it is fragile. Otherwise I am responsible enough to think I can keep this bicycle as a reliable form of transportation. Thank.

Get bike to commute and explore

I’ve haven’t rode a bike in 20+ years, but was looking for something to commute 3 miles each way to work. I found the Gotrax F2V2 and decided to try it at the price. I haven’t been disappointed. It was packaged very well and only took about 10-15 minutes to finish assembly. I live in central PA and in the two weeks I’ve had the bike I’ve rode to work 6 of the 8 days I was scheduled to work. I’m in trades and I’m able to carry everything I need for 12 hour shifts without feeling limited. The pedal assist is nice once you get used to it. The additional accessories are a great addition. The mirrors are a must if you drive on the road and the pack under the seat is nice to carry some tools and additional items. While the lock was a nice gesture it lacks practical use and very limited security. The display is easy to read and the throttle is just a simple half twist. You can ride the bike without using the motor or pedal assist. I’ve enjoyed some nice February days off and have rode around the area for enjoyment and haven’t been disappointed. As for the battery holding a charge it seems great for what I’m doing. If I just ride to work I can go at least 2 days without charging, would be better but I have to use the lights most days to and from work. Hopefully that gets better when daylight savings time comes around. All in all this bike handles really well whether on roads, sidewalks or gravel trails and the seat has been comfortable enough for me. I’ve added an additional headlight as the one that comes with it isn’t bright enough for riding before sunrise or after sunset. Being able to fold the bike to transport or store was a big deal to me as I live in an apartment and have a car. Haven’t tried to put it in trunk yet but seems like it should fit. Great bike to commute back and forth to work or just enjoy and explore.

My Scooter

Looks great and ride just as good. Hopefully I can get years of service from it.

G4 Electric Scooter
Eric Weinkein
Great fun

It was easy to assemble, fun to ride -came mostly charged…batteries last a long time and haven’t had any trouble. So far so good!
thank you very much.

G5 Electric Scooter
chris barber
A blast to ride

So fun ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

GX2 Electric Scooter
Richard Rivera
gx2 brakes squeak real bad!

great performance, great speed, love suspension but unfortunately at only 45 miles my brakes make some bad noise. is this normal? Maybe a break in time frame? can't give 5 star I'll give 3 for now.